BlueLite X1

BlueLite X1

The X1 is our 19" rack-mount, four-universe DMX controller that provides:

  • Four DMX Universe Output on female 5-Pin XLR jacks
  • One DMX Input on a male 5-Pin XLR jack
  • Any DMX console can be connected and used as a hardware 'wing' to control the BlueLite X1 Submasters 
  • SMPTE Timecode Input and Output jacks 
  • 1/4" phono jacks offer the ability to read and write SMPTE timecode for precise synchronization of your shows 
  • USB jack to your PC or laptop 
  • The BlueLite X1 software let's you quickly create cues and shows that are limited only by your imagination 
  • Use up to four X1s on the same PC to control 16 DMX Universes

In addition, the ArtNET Input Utility tray app allows the X1 hardware to be used as an ArtNET node for use with other ArtNET controller software.


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