BlueLite X1 Screenshots

Device Manager Window

Cue List Window

Event List Window

Cue Editor Window

The cue list window is used to manage all the cues in a show. Here you can change the name, comment, insert, duplicate or delete a cue. (Cues can also be inserted, duplicated once the cue editor is open).

The event list shows the 4 independent event lists. It can be used to preprogram shows running on internal clock or locked to SMPTE timecode. The event lists can also be used in step mode where each event lists run independent from each other. In step mode the time stops running after a fade is completed. To (re)start the event list simply press the space bar.

Events contain a time, fade time (can be split), cue (you can reuse cues) and a comment. Three or more events can be combined into a loop. An event can also contain a stop flag. This is very useful to just run sections (sequences) of the show.

The device manager window shows you the templates for all lighting fixtures on the left side. To edit a template simply double click on one of the template names, this will open the template editor.

To assign a device (lighting fixture) to a DMX address, simply select the template on the left side (tree control) and click on a DMX address on the right side. You can insert multiple devices at once when you drag the mouse while you insert devices. You can rename and move devices after you dropped them in.

The main window (console) shows all 24 submasters and 4 XY-Fader pairs which represent the 4 event lists. Each submaster can have any cue assigned and can be combined/mixed with the XY-Faders. The submasters can be controlled with any DMX capable console hooked up to the DMX input.

Each set of 24 submaster cue assignments can be saved into one of 24 presets. Recalling the presets via the function keys (F1 - F12, Shift + F1 - Shift + F12) gives you access to 576 cues for live performances. (You can create up to 1,000,000 cues total).

The LivePanel application is a sophisticated chaser designed to be used with the computer keyboard. It utilizes the BlueLite Core, and stores over 1,000 chases/sequences into pages of 48 for single keystroke recall. LivePanel features four independent chasers/sequencers with unlimited steps, and includes a random generator for dance floor and exhibit applications. LivePanel also uses crossfaders and built-in fading logic for smooth transitions in a single keystroke.

LivePanel Application

The cue editor is where you probably spend most of the time to create looks/cues. The cue editor gives you a very user friendly and intuitive way of control the most complex lighting fixture without having to know anything about DMX channel assignments.

Use Shift+Click and Ctrl+Click on the left side to multiselect devices. This allows you to adjust them relative to their current setting or set that all to the same value at the same time.

Each position control is equipped with a build in effect generator. Only one click is needed to have a light move in a circle.

Main Window (Console)

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