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Light In Motion's BlueLite X1 represents a fundamental change in DMX control solutions, bringing together incredible ease of use with unmatched power, flexibility, and speed.

BlueLite X1 is a complete solution. There are no proprietary options or modules to buy; simply plug your lights, moving fixtures, lasers and other DMX devices (including any DMX board) into the X1 hardware, connect via USB to a Windows-based PC, and launch the X1 software to experience the future of show control  [ more ].

  • 4 Universes (2048 channels) standard (expandable to 16 Universes (8192 channels)
  • No fixture limits
  • User Expandable Fixture Library
  • Patent-pending 'Template' technology for easily accessing the most
           sophisticated features of today's most sophisticated fixtures
  • 1,000,000 cues, 10,000,000 events
  • Built in linear time code (SMPTE) support with true chase and LOCK for perfect
           synchronization of fades and fixture movements for pre-programmed shows
  • Extensive submaster and preset support for even the most demanding live shows
  • Unlimited effects (motion) generators with 'morphing' capability
  • Midi, Windows Media Player trigger (through Automation API )
  • Much, much more

The BlueLite X1 is everything you know you need and want, with tons of features you've only dreamed about, including:

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